Site Policy

This is non-profit site. There will never be ‘Craig Minogue’ T-shirts for sale by Craig Minogue or any person associated with Craig. Nothing is for sale and nothing is being publicised. There is nothing on this site that is indecent, abusive, threatening or offensive and there is nothing that could be regarded as being distressing or traumatic by any person. Craig has never had access to the internet from prison and he recieves no payment in any form from this site or from any of his publishing while he is in prison.

This site does not in any way sensationalize or glorify crime or punishment. Let it be very clear that we do not think that crime is entertainment! Crime is the cause of pain and suffering for its victims. Serious interpersonal crime also debases the perpetrators. There are no winers from serious crime, except for those who turn it into entertainment. This site is not intended to offend any person, its aim is to provide information for people who are already intertested to know more about one person, Craig Minogue.

If you don’t want to know about Craig Minogue and his positive achievements as a jailhouse lawyer, imprisoned educator and academic, then please leave this site.