About the Author

Craig W.J. Minogue has survived in prison since 1986, his earliest release date is in 2016. Completing a multi-disciplinary BA(Hons) in 2005, which was his first formal educational achievement, In February 2012 Craig was awarded his PhD in Applied Ethics at La Trobe University. Craig is a social justice advocate who assists fellow prisoners with equitable access to the Courts, information about the law, educational programs and health services. Craig is a regular contributor to community education projects and he has peer reviewed publications in the fields of philosophy, literature, criminal law, human rights and prison issues. He also creates art when he can and he has a number of works hanging in public buildings in Melbourne, Australia.

Craig’s intellectual influences (listed in no particular order)

Craig has had a lot of time to read and reflect about his situation and how he drove his life to a destructive crescendo of violent crime in the mid 1980s. Reading has provided one way for Craig to explore his thoughts and to develop a philosophical, moral and political understanding of his own behaviour and of the world in general. The thinkers and artists, and their works which are listed below are those who have had the most influence on Craig’s emotional, moral and intellectual development.

Peter Singer who is the author of:

  • Animal Liberation
  • How are we to live? Ethics in an age of self interest
  • Practical Ethics
  • The Expanding Circle: Ethics and Sociobiology

Oliver Sacks who is the author of:

  • The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat
  • Migraine
  • A Leg To Stand On
  • Seeing Voices

Michel Foucault who is the author of

  • Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison
  • The Politics of Truth
  • Fearless Speech
  • History of Madness

Carl Sagan & Ann Druyan who are the authors of:

  • Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors: A Search For Who We Are

Hermann Hesse who is the author of:

  • Demain
  • Steppenwolf
  • Siddartha
  • Narziss and Goldmund
  • If the War Goes On…Reflections on War and Politics
  • My Belief: Essays on Life and Art

Victor E. Frankl who is the author of

  • Man’s Search for Meaning

Primo Levi

  • If This Is Man
  • The Drowned and the Saved

Notes: On the biblio-therapy page there is a document titled A program of reading, awareness & thinking for a long sentence.pdf, this expands this list of Craig’s intellectual influences and suggests a list of readings for a long sentence.

Also, see the document Banning books in Victoria’s prisons.pdf on the Other writings page.

He is currently in custody at Marngoneet Correctional Centre and he can be contacted via snail-mail at:

Dr Craig Minogue PhD
Locked Bag 7
Victoria 3212

Craig has never had access to the internet.