A Program of Reading, Awareness & Thinking for a long sentence

To paraphrase Joseph Campbell, Craig has found a path into the world through the printed page. He has also helped others in the same way as he has helped himself. In the report ‘A history of my work in prison’ which is on the Craig’s Work In Prison page, he explains the role of what he calls his ‘self initiated bibio-therapy’, see page 20. Craig also explains how he helps others with a private program of biblio-therapy which would start with Victor E. Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. In the report Craig’s Work in Prison he mentions his document ‘A program of reading, awareness & thinking for a long prison sentence‘, so this document is reproduced here for anyone who is interested.
A program of reading, awareness & thinking for a long sentence (pdf)

How to Best Write an Essay

As a next step in Craig’s biblio-therapy program he encourages the men he works with to write reviews of the books they read. To help with this process of prisoner initiated education, Craig drafted a self help document titled ‘How to best Write an Essay’.
How to Best Write an Essay (pdf)