Prison Campaigns

Craig is a social justice advocate for people who most others in the community think don’t deserve justice. We believe that ‘justice’ is a universal value which is best promoted by including every person as being deserving of justice.

Ever since his imprisonment in 1986 Craig has opposed what he saw was wrong, see Bree Carlton’s Imprisoning Resistance which details Craig’s activities when he first come to prison and was placed in the supermax Jika Jika control and special housing or handling unit as it would be called in the USA.

After the Jika Jika fire and protest which cost five prisoners their lives, Craig’s activism has mainly taken the form of written complaints challenging the inconsistency of the application of the rule of law and the treatment of prisoners.

In this section various sets of correspondence and other documents will be reproduced which represent certain key issues which Craig has advocated around over the years.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)

Prisoners work in prison industries that make consumer goods from outdoor furniture, toys for children, ping pong tables, spa baths and other items that can be found in major retail outlets in Australia. Craig has raised the issue of prisoners as workers being excluded from Occupational Health and Safety and Worker’s Compensation protection with the law reform commission. As part of this campaign Craig has written to the WorkCover Authority and asked them about the situation concerning prisoners as workers and the law.

See the documents collected in  Prisoners and Occupational Health and Safety (pdf)

Also see, on the other writings page, a report from Craig titled Forced labour at Barwon Prison: A brief history of a refusal to work for Colorific Australia (pdf)

This is a report on the exploitation of prisoners for the profits of private companies and how Craig was punished when he refused to work on a machine owned by Colorific Australia, with raw materials owned by Colorific Australia, to produce consumer good, children’s toys, to be sold by Colorific Australia all with no real wages or WorkCover (OH&S) or Worker’s Compensation coverage.

Other campaigns run by Craig will be added as they become available.