Community Legal Education Publications

Dealing With the Criminal Justice System: A Practical “How To” Handbook, Darebin Community Legal Centre Inc., October 2006; Students in Free Enterprise (Monash University chapter) 2007.

The chapters in this booklet have been made available to thousands of men and women in custody through Craig’s efforts, and as part of the Community Education outreach program of the Darebin Community Legal Centre. Some chapters are reproduced by the Faculty of Law at Monash University and used as part of the course material in ‘Professional Practice Course’, and they form part of the ‘Court Readiness Program’ which is facilitated by Monash academics and students for prisoners. Some chapters are also reproduced and made available as part of the course material in the Sociolgy major, and a unit dealing with imprisonment. The complete booklet Dealing With the Criminal Justice System: A Practical “How to” Handbook has been published and distributed by Students in Free Enterprise at Monash University with financial support from HSBC banking corporation.

Some of the chapters in the booklet include:

  • How to Address An Issue in Writing;
  • How to Prepare for Your Defence;
  • How to Prepare Yourself and Your Lawyers for A Committal Hearing;
  • How to Understand Sentencing;
  • How to take notes;
  • Communicating with Your Lawyer;
  • What to Do at the Trial;
  • How to Deal with: Telephone Intercepts, Listening Device Material and Interpretations that the Police put on Recorded Conversations;
  • How to Plead Guilty;
  • How to Run a Plea;
  • How to Benefit from a Prison Sentence; and
  • How to Get Parole.

Keywords: Self-help legal texts, prisons.
Dealing with the Criminal Justice System (pdf)